Today 10th round on TTIP negotiation starts


on the agenda:

  • services offers (excluding financial services and data flows): See
  • regulations on sanitary and phytosanitary measures: See
  • not yet chapter on sustainable development: See

recommendations by the European Parliament on what to include, emphasize, and exclude in TTIP: f.i. EP recommends to include high labour and environmental protection standards in TTIP See

A call for decisive action! But, is an unbiased public debate for TTIP even possible? See


Negotiating texts on TTIP:


China South Korea sign PTA on 1 June 2015

  • China as the first and Korea as the seventh largest exporter signed a trade deal on Monday: See and See also
  • the agreement should be effective within the next six months: See
  • South Korean companies seek opportunities in Western China: See
  • Three years of negotiations ended: See
  • Korea not long ago (6 May 2015) signed an agreement with Vietnam: See

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