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Today 10th round on TTIP negotiation starts


on the agenda:

  • services offers (excluding financial services and data flows): See
  • regulations on sanitary and phytosanitary measures: See
  • not yet chapter on sustainable development: See

recommendations by the European Parliament on what to include, emphasize, and exclude in TTIP: f.i. EP recommends to include high labour and environmental protection standards in TTIP See

A call for decisive action! But, is an unbiased public debate for TTIP even possible? See


Negotiating texts on TTIP:


China South Korea sign PTA on 1 June 2015

  • China as the first and Korea as the seventh largest exporter signed a trade deal on Monday: See and See also
  • the agreement should be effective within the next six months: See
  • South Korean companies seek opportunities in Western China: See
  • Three years of negotiations ended: See
  • Korea not long ago (6 May 2015) signed an agreement with Vietnam: See

Japan EU Trade Agreement: Conclusion of the 10th Negotiation Round

Issues to be included in the Japan-EU trade deal:

  • tariffs,
  • public procurement,
  • railways,
  • services,
  • investment,
  • competition,
  • rules of origin,
  • customs and trade facilitation,
  • intellectual property rights, including geographical indications,
  • dispute settlement,
  • trade and sustainable development,
  • sanitary and phytosanitary issues


Trans-Pacific Partnership (Dis-)Agreement

Ten things to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal under by the U.S., Japan and 10 other nations. See:
Fast Track in US (is vital to closing the TPP), which was approved by Senate Committee, but still needs to be approved by the House of Representatives (See See )
Pro Fast Track in US: Thomas Friedman and Kevin O’Marah Fast Track the TPP or Risk Anarchy. See
“Fast-track authority is backed by mainstream Republicans, farmers and business groups who think trade deals in the pipeline will cut tariffs on U.S. exports and set higher standards for U.S. intellectual property.” See
Contra Fast Track in US: Transparency Concerns and Food Safety Concerns: See
“The AFL-CIO, the Sierra Club,, the California Labor Federation and other groups, along with several Democratic members of Congress, said TPA would allow the Republican-controlled Congress to ratify a trade deal that they said would put thousands of Americans out of work. They vowed to pull out all the stops to keep the TPA bill from passing.” See
–> Optimism on fast-track trade bill; Obama woos Democrats. See

Another criticism is the ISDS chapter in the TPP (See Also Several academics warn from ISDS: See

Rice and Cars (See ):

Conflict in automakers industry: Whereas domestic car manufacturers (Ford and Detroit) in the US oppose TPP, or at least want clauses calling for action against currency manipulation (See ), Japanese firms favour the trade deal. Whereas, the US is pushing Tokyo to address policies and regulations that U.S. automakers say keep them from selling cars in Japan, Japan has been pushing for the immediate elimination of a 2.5 percent tariff on auto parts and a reasonable phase-out period for duties on car and light truck imports.

By contrast to the US, that wants tariff cuts for the agricultural sector, Japanese farm sector act in a very protectionist manner and makes Shinzo Abe’s aim of concluding TPP fairly difficult. See

Protectionist Concerns by trade unions in the US (influenced by NAFTA experience) See
Also, heavy criticism comes from civil society groups and mass demonstration were held in the US (See ), but also in Japan (See ), New Zealand (See ), and Australia (See

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